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Monster Ducks

Another monster from the Great Age of Monsters! An article in the journal Pal­ae­on­tol­ogy for 26 September describes the skull of a monstrous prehistoric seabird dated as some 50 million years old. The bird is interesting in being the size … Continue reading

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Eiji Tsuburaya and Orochi

Seen here is famed Japanese SFX creator, Eiji Tsuburaya (Gojira, Ultraman and lots more), with Yamata-no-Orochi from the film Nippon Tanjo [lit. The Birth of Japan; aka The Three Treasures] (Japan-1959; dir. Hiroshi Inagaki). The eight-headed dragon was obviously a … Continue reading

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Fights We’re Yet To See

Worth1000’s most recently completed Photoshopping contest was Versus 2 — “I’d Pay To See THAT Fight!” Some unusual contests resulted. Here’s some relevant to us: Check out all the entries here.

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Hollywood Zombies

A while back, I posted about a series of cards called Dinosaurs Attack! Now I find there’s a cool set about all those pesty rotting corpses in Tinsel Town — Hollywood Zombies! Here’s a news cast all about the living … Continue reading

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Vehicular Cuteness

Check out this Nissan concept car — an all-directional electrical vehicle complete with cute Japanese robot computer system. It just not much use for escaping from giant monsters … Nissan unveiled the electric-powered Pivo 2 concept car in the lead-up … Continue reading

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Giant Robot in Space!

This one’s not fiction! The report comes from Wired News (via Iain Triffitt): Astronauts bound for orbit this week will dabble in science fiction, assembling a “monstrous” two-armed space station robot that will rise like Frankenstein from its transport bed. … Continue reading

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Scary Green Giant

Here’s an ad from the 1950s that featured a stop-motion Jolly Green Giant. It apparently scared the kids so much the ad was withdrawn and further ads only showed the Giant from a respectable distance. That sinister face! Argghhh! What … Continue reading

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Neon Genesis didn’t lie!

Here it is, proof that all those daikaiju attacks on Japan have resulted in their cities being built to retract underground prior to “an incident”. In this video, you can see the buildings rising again, once the kaiju was dealt … Continue reading

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Making zombie roaches

Oh, man… now this is definitely the stuff of horror stories — a tale of the wasp bokor and its zombie slaves.

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