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Zombie Death Tax Amendment

UK Zombies ‘liable for own death duties’, rules Taxman Following recent legislation which extended the powers of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, the un-dead are now eligible for tax on earnings as well as their own death duties. A spokesperson … Continue reading

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Caterpillar Rampage!

News broke today of a rampaging caterpillar in Columbus, Ohio! It apparently left a trail of destruction through the city. COLUMBUS, OH—A ravenous caterpillar escaped from captivity today, wreaking havoc as it devoured everything in its sight and carved a … Continue reading

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A Monster in Tokyo Harbour!

Yes, you’ve seen it all before, but this time it’s for real! This isn’t recent news, and you probably have seen it, but I love it anyway. As part of an event held in the Odaiba area of Tokyo, to … Continue reading

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New Monster Flick?

Soon to go into production — and starring Nemo (aka “Mister White”) — is Fantom Feline Against the Dragon. Peter Jackson was set to direct, but when Nemo (who wrote the script) refused to change the title to The Hobbit, … Continue reading

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From a new mutant backwater remake of Deliverance? Source

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Old Ones Open New Business

The Great Old Ones have decided that all that lurking in dark dank places, waiting for the Call that will bring them shambling into our world in order to re-claim it, isn’t getting them anywhere, so they’ve decide to go … Continue reading

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The Robo-Revolution Continues…

Or perhaps it’s the Takeover of the Toy Franchises that’s continuing… The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that the Wow Wee’s Robosapien remote-controlled robot line is about to be fictionalised on celluloid by writers Avi Arad and Max Botkin. To be … Continue reading

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He Whose Limbs Shatter Mountains, Part 2

I was in Sydney’s Chinatown recently, negotiating a tiresome crowd of zombies, when I bumped into a tall, shuffling figure wearing a trenchcoat, scalf and hat, even though it wasn’t all that cold. It was only as I apologised and … Continue reading

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Zeppelin vs. Pterodactyls: The Serial?

Synchronicity! I casually mention Hammer Film’s unmade film Zeppelin vs. Pterodactyls (as I did in a comment to the previous post) and then find this: After watching the episode, check here to learn all about its history.

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Blind Dead

Being a zombie isn’t always easy. For some it presents challenges: Clive Hills’ return from the dead as a brain-eating zombie was slightly hampered last night after he discovered that several vital organs, including his corneas, were missing. ‘I’m kicking … Continue reading

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