Competition Announcement

Due to certain impatient and rowdy elements among the Daikaiju Limerick Competition entrants, I will make up my mind on the winners over the weekend. An announcement will appear here on the Undead Backbrain at exactly 7 pm, Wollongong time, on Sunday 26th of August 2007. Be there!

Late news: As the standard of entries was so high and I can’t narrow down my shortlist, I’ve decided to call in the services of a guest judge. Not Pazuzu the cat, but the inimitable and glamorous Cat Sparks, chief editor of Agog! Press (who has, of course, denied all responsibility for the Daikaiju! anthologies). She doesn’t like limericks much, she says, and therefore reckons they’ll have to be “bloody good” to get her attention.

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