The Winners!


And the winners of the Giant Monstrous Limerick Contest are:

Jess Nevins and Sean Williams.

Congratulations, guys.

Here is the Judge’s Report by Cat Sparks:

“I despise limericks and all forms of rhythmic word association, but even I have to admit there are some crackers in this bunch. Jess Nevins wins for being so downright original. Sean Williams comes a close second for his creative abuse of the English language. Runners up: Both pieces from Martin Livings were clever, but the Biolante one made me laugh (I have always had a bit of a thing for Biolante so maybe a bit of daikaiju bias crept in there). Mark Rainey’s smushed added a hint of hillbilly vibe to the proceedings, and as for Lee Battersby’s tale of bulknitudinous excretia… ew gross!

All the shortlisted entries were good though, so congratulations champs!”

I have decided to award two Special Prizes as well. The winners don’t get a copy of Daikaiju! 3, but I do have a selection of other goodies they can choose from.

Special Prizes:

Nigel Stones, for his multi-versed limerick sequence featuring the rarely recognised Talos;


Jason Fischer, for contributing more daikaiju limericks than anyone else except Nigel.

Can all winners please email me at [] so I can get your preferences, addresses, etc.?

And thanks everyone else for your wonderful participation. As soon as I get time, I will be putting the limericks up on my website as a special feature!

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