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Writing Show Halloween Special 2007

Once again, members of the Australian Horror Writers Association will be reading their creepiest work on The Writing Show in the days leading up to Halloween. Readings take place via podcast and are followed by a chat between host Paula Berinstein and each author. The 2007 Halloween Special begins October 23rd.

Participating authors in the 9 Days of Halloween Special 2007 include:

•Tuesday, October 23rd: Chuck McKenzie, reading “Retail Therapy”
•Wednesday, October 24th: Jason Nahrung, reading “Kadimakara and Curlew” (from Daikaiju! 2: Revenge of the Giant Monsters)
•Thursday, October 25th: Rick Kennett, reading “Chinese Whispers”
•Friday, October 26th: Kaaron Warren, reading “Dead Sea Fruit”
•Saturday, October 27th: David Schembri, reading “The Tuning of Hex”
•Sunday, October 28th: Martin Livings, reading “The Art of Suffering”
Monday, October 29th: Robert Hood, reading “Last Remains”
•Tuesday, October 3oth: David Conyers, reading “As Above, So Below”
•Wednesday, October 31st: Stephen Studach, reading “Eyes Closed in a Dark Room”

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