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The Killer Shrews Help Kids

It has just been announced that Return of the Killer Shrews, James Best’s return to his 1959 cult success, The Killer Shrews, is to premiere in Bristol, Tennessee, to benefit Speedway Childrens Charities on July 27th. Directed by Steve Latshaw, the … Continue reading

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Monster Awareness Month is on now!

OK, so we’re all pretty well aware of monsters here at Undead Backbrain. But there’s always room for more reflection on the not-so-little buggers, right? Mark Deniz (of Morrigan Press) and Beyond Fiction, following on from their hugely successful Ghost … Continue reading

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Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus Attacks YouTube

Who said giant monsters don’t sell? The trailer to the Asylum’s gargantuan epic, Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus (US-2009; dir. Jack Perez), has proven to be an internet phenomenon, commented upon and discussed (even, yes, derided) thoughout the blogsphere ever … Continue reading

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Banner of the Undead

This excellent piece of atmospheric artwork — either a promotional banner or an undead memorial (“Here shambles Robert Hood, hacking into your backbrain from beyond the grave”) — turned up unheralded in cyberspace this morning. It was created by Nyssa … Continue reading

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New Undead Backbrain Subsite

Feeling that Undead Backbrain isn’t really the place for short news flashes, single paragraph updates and quick discoveries without much backstory, I have decided to start a subsite of Undead Backbrain, which I’ve cleverly named Undead Brainspasm. I’m hoping I … Continue reading

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At the Aurealis Awards

Cat Sparks and I just did a flying visit to Brisbane over the Australia Day weekend for the Aurealis Speculative Fiction Awards (for fiction written in 2007). I was a presenter in the Horror Short Fiction section (it went to … Continue reading

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Post-WFC: Durans on Broadway

The theme of World Fantasy Con this year was Ghosts and Revenants, so maybe it was appropriate that on the night following the last day of WFC, I found myself in the Ethel Barrymore Theatre on Broadway in NYC, listening … Continue reading

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More on WFC

Here are some pictures of the Backbrain with various luminaries at the 2007 World Fantasy Convention (and afterwards). The pictures were (mostly) taken by Cat Sparks, of course. The Aussie Panel — which was on the topic “Ghosts and Revenants … Continue reading

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Readings to Get Chilled By

Once again, members of the Australian Horror Writers Association will be reading their creepiest work on The Writing Show in the days leading up to Halloween. Readings take place via podcast and are followed by a chat between host Paula … Continue reading

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Squidsquatch Monster Query

Over at the Talking Squid, there’s a Squidsquatch running — that is, “A new interview (almost) every day. A single question. The subject one day becomes interviewer the next.” I’ve just posted an answer to the question (asked by Chris … Continue reading

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