OK, I’ve been a bit negligent about “Cloverfield” — the new giant monster film from producer JJ Abrams, directed by Matt Reeves. Abrams has coordinated an effective lead-in campaign, using the internet to leak hints and snippets, cannily teasing the fans with half-glimpses of the monster but little more. The film’s central technical “concept” seems to be that the giant monster attack is seen from the point-of-view of ordinary people in the street, ostensibly recorded using current street-level technology — that is, digital cameras and cellphones. It’s an approach with a lot of potential — though speculation on the final product (of which there has been massive amounts on the internet) is rather pointless. All we can do is wait for 18 January 2008 and see!

Meanwhile, here is the latest trailer, nearly five minutes of it. The intro by Abrams is a further example of how canny he has been about marketing the film:

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