More Godzilla 1994

Speaking of the “Lost Godzilla”, Todd Tennant’s graphic novel based on the original “Jan de Bont” script is proceeding very nicely indeed. Seven new pages went up this week, culminating with this:

Todd tennant’s Godzilla 1994 page 55

The new sequence begins here.

For those who haven’t caught up with Todd’s magnificent work yet, the graphic novel project begins here.

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5 Responses to More Godzilla 1994

  1. Todd says:

    Once again, thanks, Rob:0).


  2. Sweet stuff, Todd.
    Hey Rob, why aren’t I seeing you salivating about Cloverfield on this blog?

  3. Backbrain says:

    Why haven’t I been blogging about “Cloverfield”? Hmmm, I haven’t really had anything to say about it, I guess. I suppose I’m approaching it with cautious optimism. I’m sort of hoping the whole thing isn’t going to be filmed in ultra-jerky mode as I’m one of those people who found “Blair Witch Project” unwatchable due to the fact that it provokes motion-sickness and headaches, even on DVD! I’d hate “Cloverfield” to be the same.

    Still, that being said, the film has lots going for it. The latest round of “previews” are looking more and more Godzilla-like, and the concept (giant monster attack as experienced from ground-level, as it were) certainly has lots of potential. And it is JJ Abrams! So there’s lots to anticipate.

    One thing’s for sure — there’s potentially another round of giant monster flicks in the offing!

  4. Yeah, it’s good to get the public eye’s Kaijuices flowing again. Could be a marketing opportunity for your tril when it hits our shores?

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