More Cloverfield

With Cloverfield‘s opening weekend box-office clocking in at $41 million (from a budget of $25-30 million) — a record for January — it seems certain we’ll get a sequel. But what will it be?

The Cloverfield “shadow” website (which consists of movable snapshots) has been updated with some interesting pictures that might provide an answer. Here’s three that caught my attention:

The monster’s left-overs?

Snap from Cloverfield website — leftovers?

The Navy attacks!

Snap from Cloverfield website — battle

And suffers the consequences…

Snap from Cloverfield website — aftermath


With Abrams and crew you never know what the clues might lead to — and it’s quite likely that these pictures simply represent some nifty “extras” for the DVD. But then again…

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2 Responses to More Cloverfield

  1. thehivemind says:

    The first one is not of Clover. Those are dead whales that he took chunks out of.

  2. Backbrain says:

    That’s why I referred to the picture as “the monster’s leftovers”!


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