At the Aurealis Awards

Cat Sparks and I just did a flying visit to Brisbane over the Australia Day weekend for the Aurealis Speculative Fiction Awards (for fiction written in 2007). I was a presenter in the Horror Short Fiction section (it went to Anna Tambour — yay, Anna!) and Cat won in the SF Short Fiction section for her story “Hollywood Roadkill”. She then went on the win the Best of the Best Convenors’ selection award — the Golden Aurealis. The ceremony was a spectacular affair, attracting publishers and writers galore, and a wonderful time was had by all. Especially Cat.

Her win was well deserved and comes on the heels of an intense and determined year of writing. Keep an ear/eye out for great things from Cat. She’s on an upward track. Way to go, Cat!

Here is me blathering on:

Rob at 2007 AAs

and here’s Cat, all aglow with her awards (still neatly packaged):

Cat and her awards

If you want to see lots more pictures, go here.

Here‘s some more, taken by Mil Clayton.

And for a full list of winners, go here.

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