New: Parlé vu Kaiju?

Dragon Hunters [aka Chasseurs de Dragons] (France/Germany/Luxembourg -2008; animation; dir. Guillaume Ivernel and Arthur Qwak)

Now I haven’t watched a French animated fantasy film since… oh, La Planète Sauvage [aka Fantastic Planet] sometime post-1973… okay, maybe I have — were the Asterix and Tin-Tin animated films made in France? At any rate, French animation probably should be more on my radar, but it hasn’t been. Chasseurs de Dragons, which opens this month in France, looks extremely good. It’s a fantasy about a world that has become infested with a terrible plague: omnipresent, monstrously famished, mutant creatures, which wreak suitable havoc amongst the equally unruly inhabitants. Lord Arnold is worried about the return of World Eater, a particularly nasty dragon that pops by every thirty seasons to spread terror and destruction. The film follows the adventures of two reluctant dragon hunters (and would-be mussel farmers), who are, of course, sucked into the dragon hunt by Zoe, the Lord’s grand-niece.

Clearly Chasseurs de Dragons has got a few giant monsters in it. Here’s one — not your typical dragon.

Dragon Hunters 1

Dragon Hunters 2

And wait until you see what steps up to bat at the end of this trailer!

The website (which has a nice hi-res version of the trailer) is here. Incredible!

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4 Responses to New: Parlé vu Kaiju?

  1. Matt says:

    It is based on a cartoon that I saw on Cartoon Network a couple years ago.

  2. Keizer says:

    It will be available in DVD soon (05 November 2008)

  3. Kevin Morrow says:

    The name of this Dragon is called “Red Cloud Dragon” which was mentioned on the map whent the time stucked as the red cloud was on it’s way to the castle from the film.

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