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Chinese Dragons Are Cool: The Dragon Pearl

The Dragon Pearl (2011; directed by Mario Andreacchio) is an Australia/China co-production. It has a huge Chinese dragon in it. It also has Aussie stars Sam Neill (who has been in lots of stuff, but I’m going to name In … Continue reading

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Legendary Rises from the Tomb

New Discovery There’s another cryptid on the loose — and this one is a big, nasty dragon-like reptile, looking to contribute to the ongoing history of giant monsters in cinema. The film has gone through several name-changes (Legendary: The Shocate … Continue reading

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The Age of Dragons is Here!

Once upon a time, when we first reported on it, Age of Dragons was called Dragon Fire (see previous Backbrain article). Based on Herman Melville’s novel Moby Dick, it translates the 19th Century setting of the novel into a land-based … Continue reading

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First Trailer: Age of the Dragons

In the previous Backbrain post, we revealed the Asylum’s modernised take on Herman Melville’s iconic novel, Moby Dick. Now we get the first trailer for Ryan Little’s draconic remix of the same story, starring Danny Glover as the medieval dragon-hunting … Continue reading

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Ilya Muromets

The main purpose behind this entry into the Backbrain archive is simply to note the existence of an old film I hadn’t known about — one that features a very cool monster. Eye-Filling Spectacle! Man Against Monsters! Ilya Muromets [aka … Continue reading

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New: Serpent Wars

Along with a collected edition of the Kong: King of Skull Island comic series, Markosia Enterprises has just announced the release of Serpent Wars: Written by Christoff Rodriguez and Chris Campanozzi, with art by Antonio Rojo, Serpent Wars is set … Continue reading

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Weekend (Not-So-Frightful) Flick

Dragonslayer (Germany-2004; animation, short; dir. Robert Kuczera) Dragonslayer is a 3D animated fantasy short film of 9:30 min. length. The project was completed over a 24-month period: 9 months of preproduction, 12 months of production and 3 months of postproduction. … Continue reading

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Robots and Dragons

Two new releases from current exploitation leaders The Asylum (whose mandate seems to be to rush into production cheap films with titles that echo upcoming major releases or which cash in on box-office trends, even if the plots are completely … Continue reading

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New Monster Flick?

Soon to go into production — and starring Nemo (aka “Mister White”) — is Fantom Feline Against the Dragon. Peter Jackson was set to direct, but when Nemo (who wrote the script) refused to change the title to The Hobbit, … Continue reading

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He Whose Limbs Shatter Mountains, Part 1

As comic giant monsters go, Fin Fang Foom is one of the green-blooded aristocrats. Ranging in size somewhere between 32 feet and 100 feet (though he has been known to be reductive enough to sit in a park playing chess … Continue reading

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