Update: Recycled Robots

Resiklo 1

The Resiklo website has been updated, with lots of pictures and heaps of reviews. What is Resiklo, I hear you ask?

Resiklo [aka Re-Cycle] (Philippines-2007; dir. Mark A. Reyes)

It’s a tale of alien invasion and the ragtag human defense that is mounted using giant robots made from recycled material.

Resiklo won Best Picture at the 33rd Metro Manila Film Festival (2007).

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2 Responses to Update: Recycled Robots

  1. Avery says:

    WOW!! It’s really starting to heat up and look’s great!! The fact that it has now one “Best Picture” at the ’33rd. Metro Manila Film Festival’ must mean that it really delivers the goods!! Let’s hope that we all get to see this one real soon!!

  2. this is great! this is really really great! 🙂

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