The Untold Godzilla 1994 Story Continues

Todd Tennant, whose graphic novel version of the unused Ted Elliott/Terry Rossio script for the US Godzilla can be viewed on his American Kaiju website, has stumbled upon another piece of the Godzilla 1994 puzzle. He’s been in touch with Jeff Farley, an effects-crew guy. Here’s Jeff’s story:

“A few years later (after failing to get a job on the Godzilla vs. Biollante effects crew in Japan), I was sculpting some bendy figures for the Trendmasters Godzilla line. I was contacted by a friend at Sony Imageworks to sculpt a scannable Godzilla maquette for their bid (and also for a Sony Imageworks cgi test). I was lucky enough to get that job. We only had three days to produce the clay sculpture. It was then packed in dry ice and shipped off to the company that actually made the scan. Even though I never got to see it, I heard that they had The Big G stomping around the MGM Studios. You can view it [the maquette] by going to the sculpture page at my website. Even though it was only the “American” Godzilla, I was very happy to have been involved in some capacity.”

Below are Jeff’s watercolor sketch and sculpt of his ’94 Godzilla:

Jeff Farley Godzilla ‘94 sculpt

Jeff Farley’s G ‘94 design

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