Interview with a Serpent Maker

Serpent Lake (US-2009, directed by Joel Trujillo)

There is a long-running tradition of lake monsters, both in local legend and on film. Deep, dark waters seem to spark the imagination; stories of monstrous aquatic fauna go way back and have surfaced in every part of the world wherever such lakes occur. The Loch Ness Monster is perhaps the best known of them, but there are stories of many others, not least of all in America. Big Dog Inc., JFT Productions and writer director Joel Trujillo are currently filming Serpent Lake, a film that looks at one such US “legend”.

Kaiju Search-Robot Avery (otherwise known as Avery Battles) asked Joel Trujillo about the project and about himself.

… The beginning of my interest in making films was the summer of 1993. That’s when I produced my first movie. I made my dad dress up like a zombie chasing after my uncle….

… Being an indie filmmaker it’s like being in a band. You’re always trying to find the next gig — not necessarily knowing where you’re going but just doing it. I live for the adventure! ….

… The idea for Serpent Lake came from my honeymoon back in June of 2006. I know what you’re about to say! “Honeymoon? Shouldn’t you have been thinking about ‘other things’ during your honeymoon?”….

Read the full interview (with pictures) here.

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