Giant Mozzies

There’s a tradition of giant roadside attractions in our culture, but I haven’t seen one of these before. An odd thing to celebrate with commemorative sculptures, I would’ve thought.

Mozzie 1
(image credit: Artem)

And to add a further weirdness, this one (by sculptor Valery Chaliy from Noyabrsk, Siberia) is a mecha-mozzie!

Mozzie 2
(image credit:

There’s a giant can of Buzz-Off just to the right of the picture.

Source: Dark Roasted Blend

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3 Responses to Giant Mozzies

  1. Terry Frost says:

    There’s also a giant Pro Hart built ant in a park in Broken Hill. It looks very ’50s Jack Arnold. There’s a pic of it here about half way down the page.

  2. Backbrain says:

    More abstract than Jack’s ants, but spikily effective…

  3. Terry Frost says:

    Seen close up they do work well to give that menacing feeling you get from big bull-ants.

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