Update: Flowers for the Dead

Flowers for the Dead undead crew

Joe Barbarisi, the director of the short zombie film, Flowers for the Dead — which we reported on last week — has been in contact with an update on the film’s progress (plus a few pics):

Just wanted to let you know the progress of my short film “Flowers for the Dead”.

We shall pick up shooting additional scenes within the next few weeks.

I’m currently dubbing audio/foley to the Super 8 B&W footage, which is on MiniDVs. Once the additional scenes are shot, will do the same with that finished footage.

The film is looking to be around 45 minutes or so … [It] is in tribute to the DEAD films of Romero, with a little feel of Savini’s 1990 NOTLD [a remake of Night of the Living Dead].

[Flowers for the Dead] takes place almost all in the cemetery … and the Dead are fresh-out-of-the-grave Ghouls, and slow moving.

Barbarasi says that the film should be completed by July. He hopes to have a finished product sometime in the US Fall.

He is also putting together a short ‘behind the scenes’ reel, which takes a look at the work that went on behind the production, and offers a “nice tour” of the Classic Evans City Cemetery, showing what it looks like today.

He added: “Thanks for the interest to all the Ghouls out there! Long live Mr Romero! And of course, Mr Carpenter.”

Flowers for the Dead pic 1

Flowers for the Dead pic 2

 Thanks, Joe!

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