Wanted! People To Get Eaten By Bugs

Here’s what is needed:

  1. Adult being eaten by giant insect, screaming, being thrown around, running and ultimately dying on camera.
  2. Crowds of people running from the giant insects, and possibly being chased down by the monsters and eaten. This includes individuals, such as business people, the homeless, artists, tourists, families, older/retired people as well.
  3. Individuals who can perform acrobatics, are willing to run, fall, scream and die on camera, and possibly be willing to be dragged on camera.
  4. E.M.T./E.M.S. workers with their own uniform, props and makeup.
  5. Firefighters with their own uniform, props and makeup.
  6. National Guardsmen with their own uniform and/or props OR must fit our uniforms, and have a military-style look appropriate to the part. Must be physically fit/slim to medium build.
  7. Military Personnel with their own uniform and/or props OR must fit our uniforms, and have a military-style look appropriate to the part.
  8. Uniformed NYPD Officers with their own uniform and/or props …
  9. NYPD Detective. Must be over 23 years old and come dressed in a suit that you can run in.
  10. Children, tweens and younger, who have lost their parents or are with their parents.
  11. Older/retired and/or slightly senile/cantankerous person who has been left behind or is lost in the midst of a giant roach attack.
  12. Crazy person/homeless person. Must provide your own clothing, props and makeup.

Got the picture?

This is from a casting call that went out this month advertising a film shoot in Manhattan — South St. Seaport area. It’s for the film Pesticide (directed by Pat Cerrato). A low budget independent film, Pesticide features giant insects invading New York.

Giant insects are found in the sewers of NYC. One man, who is known for crying wolf, has to tell his bosses, who never take him serious. He puts his job and his love life on the line for the sake of the city! Only when they find his story to be true it is too late … or is it?

Bonus: Giant Bugs Attacking Miama by Todd Tennant

Miami Bugs by Todd Tennant

  • Source: Kaiju Search-Robot Avery
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5 Responses to Wanted! People To Get Eaten By Bugs

  1. Avery says:

    Why is it always New York or Los Angeles?? Why never Atlanta?? We have a nice looking big city just ripe for a giant monster attack. I’d LOVE to be an extra!! Either way; this project definitely sounds rather cool. I can’t wait for more details on this one to surface!!

  2. Backbrain says:

    Avery, in response to your comment, I just added one of the inimitable Todd Tennant’s pics — giants insects attacking Miami! Todd is trying to spread the joy around…

  3. Avery says:

    Todd’s work never ceases to amaze me. It’s always so brilliant and vivid with life. This one’s no exception to that rule and looks awesome!!

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