Update: Pesticide

Remember the open call for people to get eaten by giant bugs that was posted on the Backbrain a while back?

The film was Pesticide (US-2008; dir. Pat Cerrato) and it appears that considerable giant insect mayhem took place on 11 November in Manhattan – South St. Seaport area. The film is currently in post-production.

Director: Pat CerratoIMDB profile

Pesticide director Pat Cerrato

Here are some of the people who found themselves involved in the bug hunt:

George Ruizprofile

Possible call description: 8. Uniformed NYPD Officers with their own uniform and/or props …

George got to play rookie cop Paul Mackenzie, in what is his first full-length feature. Below he is seen on-set with director Pat Cerrato. Is that wall covered in insect muck?

George Ruizin Pesticide shoot

George was also involved in ADR (Additional Dialogue Recording):

George Ruiz doing ADR work for Pesticide

Sally Shepard profile

Possible call description: 1. Adult being eaten by giant insect, screaming, being thrown around, running and ultimately dying on camera.

Sally Shepard

Sally got to play “Dragging Victim (Supporting)”, as you can see from this shot, with a tow rope substituting for the giant insect that will be digitally added later:

Sally Shepard in Pesticide shoot

Apparently Sally also worked on the production as a Boom Operator.

Artis L [aka Artis Lampkin]profile

Possible call description: 9. NYPD Detective. Must be over 23 years old and come dressed in a suit that you can run in.

Artis L in Pesticide

Artis will be playing Capt. Marvin Henderson. Unfortunately we haven’t got a shot of him in action.

Anthony Del Negroprofile

Possible call description: 8. Uniformed NYPD Officers with their own uniform and/or props …

On the set of Pesticide
Amanda Whitcroft, Grace, Cheryl Alessio, and Anthony Del Negro
on the Pesticide set

Julie JeiIMDb profile

Pesticide -- Julie Jei and others
Raymond (Mayor), Tim (Cameraman) and Julie (Reporter)

Anyway, there you have it. Kaiju Search-Robot Avery promises he’ll keep us up-to-date on any information relating to this giant insect movie in the making as the bugs crawl out into the open.

  • Source: via Avery
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  1. Avery says:

    This looks like it’s gonna be a super cool one. It’s really fun following the production and it sort of gives us an insider’s view as to what goes into these indie productions. Hopefully we’ll get to see more from this one soon.

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