Super Zombies

What if the Justice League of America got turned into zombies?

Justice League of the Living Dead

These model kits (available here [Sorry, the link has apparently been shutdown — ed.]) do for DC characters what Marvel did for their own characters in the wonderfully splendid Marvel Zombies series of comics.

Marvel Zombies

Good stuff!

  • Source: via Craig Neufeld
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5 Responses to Super Zombies

  1. jorgie says:

    thats 2 beast xo

  2. Harry says:

    I wanna know who created those sculptures for DC!

  3. Ian Lovecraft says:

    link isnt working

  4. Christina says:

    The link isn’t working, where can I get these?

  5. Robert Hood says:

    Yes, the link isn’t working. The article is several years old and I assume the person who owned the linked-to page has removed it. Sorry.

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