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Giant Monsters vs Giant Hero … and It’s Not Ultraman

As you can see from the following concept trailer, Red Jade shares an ancestry that grew from Gojira/Godzilla (daikaiju eiga) and split off into the tokusatsu TV series Ultraman (most notably) — in which a human “host” channels the power … Continue reading

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We Have a Hulk!

Okay, so this extended teaser for the new Avengers movie, premiered during the Superbowl, is everywhere by now, but I have to run it anyway. [youtube rE09rUdpB94] Comment is pointless. Hit Google to get all the pointless speculation.

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Burning into our Retinas

Is it just me, or has Nicholas Cage rarely looked so good? That was irony, by the way. The above recently released stills are, of course, from Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (US-2012; dir. Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor), which I’m … Continue reading

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Another Crack at the Flaming Ghost

Unlike that would-be militarist cine-dictator General Consensus, I quite enjoyed Marvel’s first crack at making a live-action version of their Ghost Rider franchise. Sure, Ghost Rider (US-2007; dir.  Mark Steven Johnson)  wasn’t a huge artistic success, but the Ghost Rider … Continue reading

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The Curse of the Phantom Shadow

An entirely understandable passion for 1940s pulp adventure/crime fiction culture has inspired filmmaker Mark Ross to undertake the always daunting task of making a movie of his own, intended to capture the style and aesthetic qualities of such influences as: … Continue reading

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First Images from The Avengers

Marvel has just released a bunch of images from their much-anticipated film The Avengers, directed by Joss Whedon and due for release next year. First off, here are the superheroes on the cover of Entertainment Weekly — in order from … Continue reading

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Green Light in the Blackest Night

Okay, now I’m definitely interested. This is suddenly looking so close to spot-on, it has completely overturned my skepticism (exacerbated by the earlier, rather indifferent trailer) that they could effectively transform the epic DC comicbook franchise into a decent movie, … Continue reading

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Superman Classic

Robb Pratt, an animator for Disney (he worked on Pocahontas and Tarzan), has created a neat Superman short just for his own amusement … and ours …, inspired by the music from the old serials. It’s pretty cool. At the … Continue reading

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Brainspasm Updates

Things have been a bit hectic for the Backbrain, hence the slowness of new material appearing here. However, I have been adding some image-heavy updates to our sister site, Undead Brainspasm. News on a new low-budget superhero flick from independent … Continue reading

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Yatterman: The Movie

Costumed superheroes and sexy super-villian. Semi-mechanoid mutant henchmen. Huge mechanical dog. Giant robots. Rampant dinosaurs. Nuclear holocaust. Japanese pop songs. Weird dance routines. Takashi Miike. What more can I say? Yatterman [aka Yattâman] (Japan-2009; dir. Takashi Miike) Trailer: Trailer 2: … Continue reading

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