Elias’ Vampiric Existentialism

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Ever wondered about all those smug self-satisfied vampires that seem to be out there now,  well-groomed and sexy, leading the lives of romantic heroes despite being living deficient?

Well, the latest feature film from Elias and BiFF JUGGERNAUT Productions blows the lid off that myth. If you think life sucks, just wait until you see what death’s like for Burt the vampire.

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Dead Sucks (US-[in production, 2010]; dir. Elias)

Dead Sucks … tells the story of Burt, a wayward vampire with a messy past, an uncertain future and a disproportionate need for sleep. Rejected by both humans and his own kind, he searches to find his place in a world where the only thing that sucks more than being alive is being dead.

Pursued by a Stranger with a thirst for more than blood, and a mad trucker hellbent on taking his “gift”, Burt finds an unlikely ally when he crosses paths with Besty, a punkish girl who knows how to kick some ass and doesn’t look back.

Will Burt escape the the Stranger that stalks his every move? Will he find in Besty someone to share his cursed existence with or will he be doomed to a life of endless hitchhiking and one night stands?

Find out why it sucks to be dead.

Elias — writer, producer, director and actor (though not in this one) — is the maniac responsible for the very suspicious Lovecraftian anthology film LovecraCked: The Movie, my review of which you can read here, along with an interview. He says about this new film that he would “love to see [it] spawn a TV or web series”. From the snippets we get of it on the just-launched website, that doesn’t seem such a bad idea.

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With a dark sense-of-humour, offbeat narrative, awkward romance subplot and decent production values, Dead Sucks has all the makings of a cult favourite.

Elias says: “In the coming weeks I will release a full trailer, featuring some music by pal Chvad SB of things outside the skin. To top things off, I’ll follow the trailers soon after with the release online of the Dead Sucks Prologue, a 7-minute short designed to give you a taste of what’s planned for the full film. Right now you can view the teaser, so check it out at www.deadsucks.com.”

Dead Sucks pic 3
Director Elias deals with script issues
during early filming with stars

He added that he’ll let us know as new videos are uploaded, so stay tuned for more soon.

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