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The Vampire Apocalypse Downunder

An Undead Backbrain Exclusive Thankfully, the unreasonably popular Twilight and its sequels haven’t killed off vampires as an iconic and powerful trope within the horror genre.  Undead Brainspasm recently featured a film that was seeking to use an esoteric African … Continue reading

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Exclusive Images: Empress Vampire

Ah, vampire movies! There’s been so many — and they’re so varied. Well, this one’s got fangs, blood, bare flesh, blood on bare flesh, entrails, lots of cleavage, gaudily lavish costumes, beautiful female vampires, and a van Helsing or two. … Continue reading

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The $1 Film: The Vampire in the Hole

Sometimes “low budget” simply doesn’t mean “cheapskate”. The film industry worldwide is full of talented people who want to work on a great project even if the prospect of payment is uncertain. The Vampire in the Hole is a prime … Continue reading

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Early Vampire Cinema 1916 to 1974: Part 2

Continued from Early Vampire Cinema 1916 to 1974: Part 1 Part 2: From Lugosi to Lee If Dracula dominated popular imagination as the defining representative of vampire kind up until recent times, it was Hungarian actor Béla Lugosi whose performance … Continue reading

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Early Vampire Cinema 1916 to 1974: Part 1

The following two-part article was written for Mark Deniz’s excellent Vampire Awareness Month, which is still running on his blog. Go there to check out a plethora of top-notch writings on the subject of vampires, ranging from reviews of significant … Continue reading

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Planet of the Vampire Women

In Monster from Bikini Beach (US-2008; dir. Darin Wood), independent producer Christy Savage and director Wood worked assorted monster-loose-among-bikini-babes tropes to create a retro 1960s exploitation flick that was colourful and lots of fun. Now Savage has revealed that her … Continue reading

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Elias’ Vampiric Existentialism

Ever wondered about all those smug self-satisfied vampires that seem to be out there now,  well-groomed and sexy, leading the lives of romantic heroes despite being living deficient? Well, the latest feature film from Elias and BiFF JUGGERNAUT Productions blows … Continue reading

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Take That, Zombie… um, Vampire Shakespeare!

It had to happen! As soon as someone thought of it, the result was inevitable. Tom Stoppard did his postmodern take on Hamlet in an absurdist tragicomedy called Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead back in 1966, by re-viewing the events … Continue reading

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