King Komodo, Trapped!

Todd Tennant has sent along a new, spectacular image of King Komodo, created as part of the ongoing comic serial that he produces with Mike Bogue.

Todd says, “I’m just calling this one ‘The Cage’.” Click here to see a very large version in all its glory.

From Tales of King Komodo ep. 4 -- small version

It will appear in Tales of King Komodo, episode 4, appearing soon in G-Fan #86.

I commented that KK seemed to be “doing a Kong”, poor chap… and Todd described it, more correctly, I suspect, as a “Gwangi”. Then, intriguingly, he added: “… though he’ll escape his cage in a very different way.”

You’ll have to check out G-Fan to find out. Believe me, it would be worth your while to have a subscription, if you don’t already.

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