ZuZu, Queen of the Monsters

And while we anticipate the monstrous beauties of upcoming blockbusters such as Monster X Strikes Back, Outlander, Monsters vs Aliens, Star Trek, Reigo: The Deep Sea Monster vs the Battleship Yamato, Evangelion 1.0 and the like, spare a thought for ultra-low-budget efforts such as ZuZu, Queen of the Monsters! (US-2006; dir Ace Fronton) — a daikaiju spoof in the form of a children’s pantomime, now available on DVD:

ZuZu, Queen of the monsters

From beyond the moon comes atomic evil, sent to destroy every living thing on earth! No-one can stop it but ZuZu, Queen of the Monsters!

SEE ZuZu, the Queen of all the Animals, and her helpers, do battle against the forces of Evil!

SEE all the creatures of the Magic Forest! The Mad Hatter! The Ice Cream Bunny! And many more!

SEE the evil witch of Saturn and her fantastic atomic laboratory!

SEE the sinister TV commercial which turns people into Zombies!

SEE an army of monsters come to life before your very eyes!

SEE Atom Bombs rock the entire planet!

SEE giant monsters crush entire cities!

SEE the world teeter on the very brink of annihilation, with no one to stop it but


ZuZu, Queen of the M0nsters pic 2


In the Magic Forest lives ZuZu, Queen of the Animals. ZuZu is sad, because her friend Cat has passed on. As ZuZu greets a new day, she hears something rustling in the bushes. It is Cat, now in human form. ZuZu’s pals, Dog and Pup greet Cat, and they all go to school.

Meanwhile, on Saturn, the evil queen PuPu decides to destroy the earth. She creates an evil monster, FrankenPuPu, in her laboratory, intending to send him to earth and make him the President. PuPu enlists the aid of KuKu, her henchman, and orders him to become Vice President. PuPu sends the evil pair to earth.

ZuZu asks the Mad Hatter to run for President against FrankenPuPu. He agrees, and gives a compelling speech on television. It looks like the Mad Hatter may win, but PuPu devises a hypnotic TV commercial which brainwashes everyone into voting for FrankenPuPu. Come election day, Frankenpupu is elected. On his first day as president, Frankenpupu promises to kill all the animals.

Meanwhile, PuPu creates a giant monster to distract the world while she gathers up all the animals to be slaughtered. ZuZu asks the Fairy of the Dawn for help. The good Fairy manifests a storm which sends the animal ark backwards, and the animals back to their homes. ZuZu defeats the giant monster before he can wreak more havoc. FrankenPuPu and KuKu are impeached, thrown into a rocket, and shot back to Saturn.

ZuZu, Queen of the Monsters: pic of monster Pulala

That character is the giant monster Pulala. What can I say?

Here’s a trailer:

  • Source: You can blame Kaiju Search-Robot Avery

    Note: My cat Pazuzu (nicknamed Zuzu) says he’s not a Queen of anything and that he intends to sue!

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  1. Avery says:

    This is just too cute…and weird!! I really need to see this one to believe it. “ZuZu”, “PuPu”, “FrankenPuPu”, “KuKu” and “Guilala’s” albino/fuzzy-wuzzy cousin “Pulala”??!! It’s just too insane!! I’m lovin’ it!!

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