Update: More Images of Gualagon

The makers of the in-progress daikaiju-inspired audioplay Gualagon have sent us some more images created to accompany the audioplay when it is completed. They are, I think you’ll agree, rather spectacular.

Gualagon pic 10

Gualagon pic 11

Gualagon pic 12

And for a change, the monster’s military opponents:

Gualagon pic 07

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2 Responses to Update: More Images of Gualagon

  1. Jacob Spencer says:


    Now, we need to match him against Negadon and the monster from G for weirdest kaiju ever match.

  2. Backbrain says:

    Hey, Jacob… Have you by any chance seen “Big Man Japan” yet? I just watched it and have to say that it contains some kaiju (or “Baddies” as they are referred to throughout) that are hard to beat in the weirdest kaiju stakes!

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