Welcome to 2009!

It’s a big start to 2009, courtesy of Undead Backbrain and friends — and our resident kaiju artist, Todd Tennant. (Click here to get the full effect.)

Todd Tennant's US Godzilla 1994 on the rampage

Let’s hope the new year will be full of Big Things!

One of those Big Things will be more pages in Todd Tennant’s already spectacular US Godzilla ’94 graphic novel. If you don’t know what it’s all about, go to the website right now. Otherwise, we’ll keep you updated when new pages arrive.

Meanwhile, remember to come to Undead Backbrain for articles and views on giant monster, zombie and ghost films, as well as various oddities and related spectacle. For quick news updates, keep one ear/eye on our new subsite Undead Backspasm.

And have fun!

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