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Seasons Greetings, Fellow Monsterphiles

On behalf of Undead Backbrain, Undead Brainspasm and subsidiary sites, I just want to wish everyone well for the Christmas holidays and for 2012. Kaiju Search-Robot Avery added this similarly themed greeting, which I thought I’d share — though we … Continue reading

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Undead Backbrain in a Coma!

For about two weeks, the Backbrain will go silent, turning inward to meditate on the Monstrous Meaning of Life, the Universe and the Blogsphere. But don’t panic! The Backbrain will fire up again on 16th November, ablaze with a slew … Continue reading

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Lost Time: The Backbrain Wins an Award

Dear Readers, You may have noticed (or at least I HOPE you noticed) that Undead Backbrain has been rather quiet for the past few weeks. This was partly due to writing commitments and (paid) work pressures on my part, but … Continue reading

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Technorati Blog Claim

This is just administration, folks. Please ignore. Claim number: gwi5tmk74e

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The Week (or Two) on Undead Brainspasm

Lizzie vs Predator (18 February 2009) A new Jane Austen genre crossover film, Pride and Predator. Alien Trespass: the Mockumentary (17 February 2009) A “Meet the Cast” style documentary promoting the 1950s sci-fi pastiche, done in the style of the … Continue reading

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Do Not Adjust Your Backbrain…

You may have noticed odd incomprehensible messages appearing lately. This is because Undead Backbrain is currently undergoing technical difficulties of a kind that eat up vast amounts of my weekend time and leave me cranky and disillusioned. Tech guys via … Continue reading

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Reminder: Undead Brainspasm

This is just a reminder that you should check out the quick-shot articles that are appearing over on Undead Brainspasm, an offshoot of this site that is currently sporting information on such topics as the zombie nazi film, Dead Snow, … Continue reading

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Welcome to 2009!

It’s a big start to 2009, courtesy of Undead Backbrain and friends — and our resident kaiju artist, Todd Tennant. (Click here to get the full effect.) Let’s hope the new year will be full of Big Things! One of … Continue reading

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New Undead Backbrain Subsite

Feeling that Undead Backbrain isn’t really the place for short news flashes, single paragraph updates and quick discoveries without much backstory, I have decided to start a subsite of Undead Backbrain, which I’ve cleverly named Undead Brainspasm. I’m hoping I … Continue reading

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Craziest Kaiju Countdown Contest is Over!

The contest is closed now, of course, as Guilala has been revealed as Kaiju Search-Robot Avery’s weirdness of choice. We seem to have two potential winners, Mike Hawkins and Tom R. VanSlambrouck, who both picked the Space Chicken. When I … Continue reading

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