Poddying the Blob

blobA gross, slime-dripping blob from another dimension who wants nothing more than to achieve stardom as a Shakespearean actor!

An overweight, insecure loser who might be the key to the amorphous creature’s diabolical plan! All he has to do is eat the Blob.

This is the premise of my story “The Slimelight, And How To Step Into It” — a humorous, but grossly gooey scifi horror tale based on my experiences in regional theatre.

The story was originally published in a short-lived US horror magazine edited by John Schipp and Craig Spector (who were prominent in the new wave of horror writing at that time) called Iniquities: the Magazine of Great Wickedness and Wonder (No. 2, 1991). It also appears in my recently released collection, Creeping in Reptile Flesh (Altair Australia Books 2008).

Now you can hear me reading the story via Podcast on the new Terra Incognita Australian Speculative Fiction website.

TISF is an offshoot of the independent publisher, Coeur de Lion Books, who, among other things, were responsible for producing the speculative fiction anthology, cØck, edited by Keith Stevenson — a thematic anthology that features stories dealing with the future (and speculative present) of male sexuality. My experimental post-human SF story “Birthmark” appeared in this volume.

The podcast of “The Slimelight, And How To Step Into It” is also available as a MP3 download, via stream audio and via iTunes. Keith tells me that the show is going to be syndicated on community radio station 2NVR, which broadcasts between Kempsey and Coffs Harbour. I don’t know when.

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3 Responses to Poddying the Blob

  1. Hey, I like the illustration of the blob creature. It looks… yummy.


  2. Backbrain says:

    I should credit the illustrator — but I don’t know who did it….

  3. Backbrain says:

    I found it. It’s by someone called “Phosphorus” and comes from Doctor Blob’s Organism website:


    I stole a little bit of it. I think it relates to a game.

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