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Zombie Cheerleaders Two: The Pom-Poms of Death

First there was Zombie Cheerleaders, an epic audio tale of flesh, death and coordinated chanting of “Brraaiiinnns! Who’s got ’em? You have! When do we want ’em? Now!!!!” Now there’s a sequel, to be released this Halloween, called Zombie Cheerleaders … Continue reading

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Poddying the Blob

A gross, slime-dripping blob from another dimension who wants nothing more than to achieve stardom as a Shakespearean actor! An overweight, insecure loser who might be the key to the amorphous creature’s diabolical plan! All he has to do is … Continue reading

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Update: More Images of Gualagon

The makers of the in-progress daikaiju-inspired audioplay Gualagon have sent us some more images created to accompany the audioplay when it is completed. They are, I think you’ll agree, rather spectacular. And for a change, the monster’s military opponents: Source: … Continue reading

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Audio: Zombie Cheerleaders

Give me a B, give me an R, give me an A, I, N! What d’we want? BRAINS! When do we want ’em? NOW! and Grindhouse Audio has obliged for Halloween and you can download a series of free … Continue reading

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