The Week (or Two) on Undead Brainspasm

Lizzie vs Predator (18 February 2009)

  • A new Jane Austen genre crossover film, Pride and Predator.

Alien Trespass: the Mockumentary (17 February 2009)

  • A “Meet the Cast” style documentary promoting the 1950s sci-fi pastiche, done in the style of the period.

New: Zone of the Dead (17 February 2009)

  • An effective-looking inner0city infected zombie flick.

Update: Crawler Trailer (16 February 2009)

  • Trailer for the upcoming alien-bulldozer horror film. Looks good!

New: The Living Corpse (15 February 2009)

  • Ken Haeser and Buz Hasson’s cult graphic novel to be filmed.

New: Ferocious (15 February 2009)

  • New fantasy-based creature feature, with lots of big beasties.

Update: Flowers for the Dead (15 February 2009)

  • News on Joe Barbarisi’s Night of the Living Dead homage.

Update: Dire Wolf (13 February 2009)

  • A new prehistoric wolf-human hybrid on the loose gorefest from Olen Ray.

Roboto Supremo (12 February 2009)

  • Giant robot and daikaiju battles. See the teaser trailer!

Update: The Strange Experiment of Doctor Purefoy (10 February 2009)

  • Frankenstein pastiche from Fighting Owl Productions.

Jane Austen’s Zombies To Be Filmed? (10 February 2009)

  • Pride and Prejudice and Zombies might be filmed …

Psst! You After an Alien? (8 February 2009)

  • See the alien from Alien Trespass!

Dragonball Evolves into a LIve-Action Movie (8 February 2009)

  • News on the live-action Dragonball Z film.

Update: Galactic Raiders (7 Feb 2009)

  • Behind the scenes of Galactic Raiders and its stop-motion monsters.

Transformers 2: Trailer (7 Feb 2009)

  • The latest trailer to the Transformers sequel — with very big robots.

Lost in the Jokes? (7 Feb 2009)

  • Land of the Lost remake trailer.

Global Swarming (6 Feb 2009)

  • Great trailer for Infestation and its giant bugs.

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