The Week on Undead Brainspasm

Horror Celebs at the Weekend of Horror (14 March 2009)

  • Fangoria’s Weekend of Horror (with “The Rock” and others)

Announced: Journey Sequel (14 March 2009)

  • Sequel to Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008)

New: Brain Dead (8 March 2009)

  • New zombie film from Kevin Tenney

A Touch of G (12 March 2009)

  • Pics from the kaiju eiga G

New: Terror from Beneath the Earth (12 March 2009)

  • Another horror/scifi 1950s B-flick pastiche

Announced: Man With the X-Ray Eyes remake (12 March 2009)

  • Remake of one of Roger Corman’s most memorable films

Want To Be In A Monster Movie? (8 March 2009)

  • Casting call for a monster film in UK
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