Weekend Fright Flick

This weekend Undead Backbrain features  what is described as “a post apocalyptic zombie love story … of sorts”: Z3D5 (Australia-2009; short; dir. Daniel Armstrong).



In a radioactive future-world crawling with zombies the paths of two strangers cross. One seeking escape, the other seeking candy.

For the briefest of moments there is a connection. The ocean of mindless, shuffling zombies that populate the world drift into the background, and life seems almost worthwhile again …

… for a moment.

Z3D5 is brought to you by Strongman Pictures and connects with a major interview we’ll be running in a few days. The film’s Director of Photography is Brett Anstey, who is head honcho on an upcoming horror film, Damned By Dawn. I talked to Brett during the past week and the result with be posted here shortly.

In the meantime he made this comment on z3D5:

“We shot this over two very hot days, back in October 2006 in Newport. At the end of the second day we had some trouble with the squibs, as in they didn’t work, so we eventually gave up and called it a wrap! I remember that Mark Taylor, who played the lead, got really sunburnt — he found it tricky to use sun block due to the bruised and bloody body make-up.”

Enjoy the film!

Z3D5 – a post apocalyptic zombie love story…of sorts
from Daniel Armstrong on Vimeo

Coming soon to Weekend Fright Flick: a funny, well-made short featuring something guaranteed to give the willies to all you arachnophobes out there! Stay tuned!

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