Weekend Fright Flick: Dead Girls, Carwash and Giant Tick

Weekend Fright Flick on Undead Backbrain is sending a triple feature your way this weekend. It’s a bit of a mixed bag, but if sexy zombie chicks and giant ticks tweak your interest (and seeing as you’re reading this blog they probably do), you’re in for a treat.

First up there’s a couple of music videos, one at least with a minimalist storyline: “Fashion Freak” by Naked Ape (directed by Eric Althin), which features sexy zombies in a carwash, complete with undead chihuahua (I make no comment on the music itself — this is all about the zombies); and the band’s follow-up, “Undo Redo” — same appeal with higher disgust factor. What is it about sexy corpses with blood and scabby spots of decay all over them anyway? The film Zombie Strippers (US-2008; dir. Jay Lee) explored the same necrophilic obsession, rather effectively, I thought.

Fashion Freak

Undo Redo

Our third feature this week is one of Kaiju Search-Robot Avery’s no-budget finds — a giant monster film with SFX that are so basic that they work through sheer curiosity value:

Attack of the Giant Tick

(Germany; directed by Holger Sontag)

Through his Mercury Productions website, where there appears a whole series of genre-related short films, Sontag seems to be exploring basic animation techniques, each geared to slightly different aesthetic ends. I have to admit, this minimalist giant monster B-flick does achieve a sort of indefinable poignancy.

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