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B-Movie Celebration: Metamorphosis

Exclusive Images and First Release Trailer One of the most anticipated films to screen at the 6th Annual B-Movie Celebration won’t be an exploitative monster flick or over-sexed gorefest, but a new version of a classic work of literature, existentialist … Continue reading

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Lisl and the Lorlok

Dark fairy tales — as the creators of the upcoming film Lisl and the Lorlok describe their work — seem to be on the rise. I remember back in late 1997 seeing a horror-styled version of Snow White and the … Continue reading

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Pseudo Grindhouse Movie Marathon

Taking a retro approach to films isn’t new. A retro sensibility can make both low-budget and not-so-low-budget films look extra classy, if done well. Designers love the idea. Or maybe it’s just nostalgia. In any case, there have been many … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Infestation

So the giant bug movie Infestation (US-2009; dir. Kyle Rankin) has crawled out of its pupal stage and appears on DVD in the US on 13 October. Synopsis: A slacker wakes up to find himself weak, wrapped in webbing and … Continue reading

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Infestation by Giant Insects!

The full title of this Modern Mechanics article from December 1930 read “Will Monster Insects Rule the World?” Though offered here as a mere speculative possibility, the idea that giant insects will eventually dominate life on Earth is one that … Continue reading

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Weekend Fright Flick: Dead Girls, Carwash and Giant Tick

Weekend Fright Flick on Undead Backbrain is sending a triple feature your way this weekend. It’s a bit of a mixed bag, but if sexy zombie chicks and giant ticks tweak your interest (and seeing as you’re reading this blog … Continue reading

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Giant Ants Ate the Blues Player

Kaiju Search-Robot Avery has discovered that Bakersfield, California country blues player Hank Ray is making a movie about giant ants. Taking the classic truth-in-advertising approach to titles, it’s called Giant Ants Eat Bakersfield. It will be about 30 minutes long … Continue reading

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Weekend Fright Flick: Justice For All!

This weekend’s Fright Flick — coming to you a little late due to real-world complications — is about family dynamics, revenge and Big Bugs. Justice For All (short 11.40 min; directed by Francesco Gastel) By way of introduction, here is … Continue reading

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