Lake Van Monster: Video Addendum

As an addendum to the recent Undead Backbrain article about Van Gölü Canavarı [aka Lake Van Monster] (Turkey-2009; dir. Bünyamin Yaşar), which is currently in production, here are a number of videos on the subject.

News Report: This one appears to be a news report from Turkish TV on the film’s production. It includes an interview with the director and some behind-the-scenes footage. Sorry, but I can’t translate.

Documentary on the Lake Van Monster: Animal X (Part 1):

Documentary on the Lake Van Monster: Animal X (Part 2):

Footage of Supposed Lake Van Monster Taken in 1997:

In 1997, a local man, Ünal Kozak, a member of Van University, said he had captured the creature on video and sent the film in for analysis. He has also written a book about the monster. Kozak’s video is under constant criticism, with viewers questioning why it never pans left, saying perhaps there was a boat carrying the “creature,” or asking why the monster only goes straight, instead of curving through the water. Some have even criticized why the creature’s breathing seems to be not in and out, but a continuous release, much like the effects of an air hose. (Hurriyet Daily News)

Other Footage: I’m not sure what this is but the text indicates some connection with the Lake Van Monster.

This one repeats some of the same footage:

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  3. mgarcia says:

    monster on video is an elephant submerged and swimming

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