New: Parasitic

Parasitic (US-2009; short [14 min.]; dir. C.J. Arellano & Josh Alletto)


In Parasitic, a talking tapeworm forms in the stomach of a lonely, snobby high school boy.

With a scenario in the tradition of Frank Henenlotter’s 1988 sentient parasite film, Brain Damage — and a few moments that echo the famous “birth” from AlienParasitic looks like a lot of fun.








If the short film has a youthful air about it, it’s not surprising really — though the professionalism on display seems quite remarkable. Comments co-director C.J. Arellano:

The age range of the cast and crew who worked on Parasitic ranged from 17-22. I was 20 when we produced the film in Chicago in 2007; my co-director and star of the film, Josh Alletto, was 22. I was 18 when I wrote it in 2005. (Whew, it’s been a long journey!) … We will definitely be selling it on DVD and/or posting it online in November. In the meantime, we hope that it will be screening at festivals between September and November.

In fact, the film is now set to premiere at the Shockerfest 2009 Film Festival in Modesto, CA.

We’ll be looking forward to seeing it sometime afterwards.

Breaking News! Parasitic will also be screening at the Illinois International Film Festival.


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2 Responses to New: Parasitic

  1. Avery says:

    This film looks like so much fun! What a talented group of young film makers! Can’t wait to see it and what they come up with next!

  2. Eddie says:

    They really should do seven-hundred of the body hosting makeup special effects films, about all the guys giving birth from small to huge parasite alien bugs like parasites coming out of their necks or throats, bellies, chests, arms, heads, and backs.

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