Flying Saucers Over Godzilla

You may recall that kaiju artist Todd Tennant has been creating, for everyone’s fannish pleasure,  a graphic novel rendition of the original script for a US Godzilla film — a script written by Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio. Initial planning for the film began in 1994, undertaken by director Jan Le Bont and production designers and SFX people Ricardo Delgado, Carlos Huante, Stan Winston and David Russell. This version was, of course, scraped for budgetary reasons before migrating into Roland Emmerich’s hands some years later. Todd has so far rendered 67 pages — a substantial investment in time and effort by anyone’s standard. Now the work is moving more slowly as Todd has paying projects to consider, but he comments:

If I ever get back to finishing this (fan-based/online) graphic novel, I’m adding this appearance of the long, lost descendants of “the Kyrill”, the alien race who bio-engineered the original American GODZILLA as Earth’s protector from alien Kaiju like the Gryphon.

  • Source: Todd Tennant
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