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The Weed Spreads

The good news is that Ryan Cauchi and Nick Stathopoulos’ superlative, low-budget, practical FX-driven, monster plant flick, It Grows!, is sending out its tendrils, and taking root in film festivals worldwide. The short film had its world premiere on October … Continue reading

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Zombies From Outer Space: Update

Remember the retro scifi horror flick Zombies from Outer Space (Germany-2010; dir. Martin Faltermeier), which Undead Backbrain revealed to the world at the end of last year? No? Well, go read about it here. Go on! Hurry up! We’ll wait. … Continue reading

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There Be Monsters on the Skyline

Skyline (US-2010; dir. Colin and Greg Strause) I must have been living under a rock. When I saw the second trailer for this film I’d never heard of, and saw the huge invading spaceships, the slick production values and the … Continue reading

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Nazi Invaders From the Moon!

I love this retro sci-fi stuff! Iron Sky is a semi-serious sci-fi invasion epic directed by Finnish filmmaker  Timo Vuorensola. With aesthetically elegant aplomb it mixes alternative history with some rather convincing retro technological design work to create a tale … Continue reading

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Max Neptune to the Rescue!

If ever there was a retro film that captures the gaudy, innocent sci-fi thrills of space serials from the 1940s and 1950s, Max Neptune and the Menacing Squid (US-2010; dir. John Garside and Colin Fleming) looks like it’s the one.  … Continue reading

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The Flying Saucers Are Coming… Once Again!

Flying saucers may be the latest scifi staple to get a digital revamp into a cinematic meme. Planzet — an alien invasion tale of beautifully rendered destruction — is coming from independent Japanese animator Jun Awazu, whose Wakusei daikaiju Negadon … Continue reading

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El Eternauta

“El Eternauta” (The Eternaut) is a serialised graphic novel written by Argentinian comic writer Héctor Germán Oesterheld and initially drawn by Francisco Solano López. First published in 1957-1959 in three-page weekly episodes in the magazine Hora Cero (Zero Time), it … Continue reading

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Weekend Fright Flick: Ataque de Pánico!

You must watch this short film! Yes, you must! There’s no argument. It’s an almost poetically beautiful alien invasion via an armada of space ships and giant robots, with superb SFX and apocalyptic destruction, all to the music of John … Continue reading

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Flying Saucers Over Godzilla

You may recall that kaiju artist Todd Tennant has been creating, for everyone’s fannish pleasure,  a graphic novel rendition of the original script for a US Godzilla film — a script written by Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio. Initial planning … Continue reading

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War of the Worlds: Goliath of a Trailer

War of the Worlds: Goliath (US-[in production for 2010]; dir. Joe Pearson) is “a 90-minute, animated, steampunk epic of war, comradeship and courage under fire”, based on H.G. Wells’ iconic Martian invasion novel, War of the Worlds. (See Robot War … Continue reading

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