Weekend Fright Flick: Living Dolls

OK, we haven’t had a Weekend Fright Flick for a few weeks, so here’s one for Halloween — and in one of my favourite sub-genres.

Living Dolls (US-1980; 9:36 min]; dir. Todd Coleman)

Mannequins are creepy at the best of times, but what about at the worst of times? This short horror film about a harassed worker in a bridal shop, who takes out his frustrations on the mannequins kept in the storage room, commonly ran as a filler on the USA Network during such programs as Saturday Nightmares, Sci-Fri Theater, Night Flight, and Commander USA’s Groovie Movies. While I’m not sure it ever ran here in Australia, US correspondents report scary memories of seeing this one…

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  1. Gabe says:

    Oh man…what a short. Saw it when I was a kid. Final frame burned itself in my memory. Never forgot it. Robert Fair score is very effective. A little gem.

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