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Evil Dolls, Replicants and Dead Eyes

Dolls might be surrogate friends to children and kitsch collectibles to many adults, but there lingers deep beneath the surface of our cultural awareness of them a dark and unsettling fear. A whole cinematic genre explores the idea of “evil … Continue reading

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Weekend Fright Flick: Living Dolls

OK, we haven’t had a Weekend Fright Flick for a few weeks, so here’s one for Halloween — and in one of my favourite sub-genres. Living Dolls (US-1980; 9:36 min]; dir. Todd Coleman) Mannequins are creepy at the best of … Continue reading

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Weekend Fright Flick: Dollface

For your viewing pleasure, an unnerving 20-minute horror film of the slow-burn variety — in the Evil Doll subgenre. Don’t skip to the second half (where things really get nasty). You need to be drawn into the right headspace — … Continue reading

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From a new mutant backwater remake of Deliverance? Source

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Vintage Robots, Part Six: What Came First?

In an article on BoingBoing about the DVD release of some of Houdini’s films, and in particular his serial made in 1918, The Master Mystery, which includes a robot [see my blog post here], it is claimed that this was … Continue reading

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Mr T vs Godzilla

  From here.

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Unnaturally Human

“… an uncanny effect is often and easily produced when the distinction between imagination and reality is effaced, as when something that we have hitherto regarded as imaginary appears before us in reality, or when a symbol takes over the … Continue reading

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