King Crab Attack!: The Full Version

And now, Undead Backbrain presents the complete 1950s giant monster spoof film, King Crab Attack! (France-2010; short [6:38 min.]; dir. Gregoire Sivan).


The Backbrain first introduced you to the film via trailers, poster and assorted pictures in September last year and then, in more detail, in January this year. With giant crabs created through stop-motion animation and sporting a very funny sense-of-irony and excellent low-budget production values, the film takes the form of a spoof trailer, though it in fact gives you the full beginning, middle, climax and humorous postscript. Great stuff!

Produced by Caïmans Productions, with post-production work by Sabotage-Studio, the film stars Jean-Pierre Martins (”La Vie en Rose”), Serge Dupire, Charlotte Marin, Etienne Chicot, Martine Fontaine … and a bunch of really big crabs.

Without more ado, here it is!

Go to Undead Backbrain’s YouTube Channel to see it larger.

Thanks to Gregoire Sivan and Avery Battles!

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