Possible Legendary Pictures Godzilla Design?

**Please note** The following article does not (and never did) say that the first two designs below are without a doubt the genuine article. A claim was made and I reported it as such, with various indications that there was doubt in my mind. Now that others have taken up the story and reported it with less skepticism, Avery and I have received rather unfair flak. I thought it was an interesting possibility. Twitchfilm (who took it up on the basis of this article) asked questions. Those troublemakers who are being rude about it all should know that (a) Avery had nothing to do with it — this is my site and I take full responsibility for what’s on it. Avery is my invaluable “news hound” — but note that I did not credit him on this article, and I always credit my sources; (b) I never claimed that I knew it was genuine and in fact expressed doubt; and (c) as Twitchfilm’s Al Young and Todd Brown point out (see their comments here), the fact that these designs were uploaded to Flickr well before the Godzilla remake was officially announced doesn’t prove that they’re not genuine. Negotiations go on for a long time and designers could get started on possible designs long before a deal was struck. So, as I said: maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Hey, probably it isn’t. I still like the design, whoever did it.

As we all know by now, Legendary Pictures have acquired the rights to do a Godzilla film in the US. It is scheduled for release in 2012. Now some images have surfaced of a design model of Godzilla that is supposed to be the one that Legendary Pictures has sent to Toho for their approval. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t — but it seems credible. Here they are:



If this is really the design of choice, I won’t be unhappy about it.

Addendum: OK, some correspondents are skeptical about the authenticity of this, probably with good reason. So, I thought I’d add some other cool Godzilla re-design sculptures, all of them definitely not put forward as originating from Legendary Pictures. This first, demonic Godzilla is by FritoFrito:


This rather bloody, vicious-looking Godzilla is byD1Ming of Mochiin Designs. It’s the aftermath of the fight between Godzilla and King Kong!



I’m less keen on the next one as a possible Godzilla design (too lizard-like and not heavy enough for my liking, rather like Godzilla ’98), but it’s a cool sculpture. I’m unsure of its origin, but the surname of the artist seems to be McVey.


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13 Responses to Possible Legendary Pictures Godzilla Design?

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  2. S. says:

    The first one is absolutely stunning. I seriously hope that’s the design Legendary and TOHO collaborated on; 10,000 leagues above the old ’98 design.

    • Robert Hood says:

      Artist Todd Tennant tells me it’s been around for a while, so probably it doesn’t really represent Legendary’s choice for their Big G. Pity. Beats me why people make these claims on YouTube. What do they gain?

  3. Tim says:

    People who make these claims on YouTube get their artwork seen by more people by claiming it’s official, so that news sites will post it on their blogs. 🙂

    I sort of think it’s fun.

    • Robert Hood says:

      As my text indicated (or so I thought) I had doubts (or was at least a bit skeptical) — but, I agree, some of these designs are excellent — and who knows? One of these days the rumor might be true!

  4. Mark says:

    WOAH! I can’t possibly be expected to wait! These are some excellent designs… head and shoulders over the ’98 design– but different enough to keep it interesting. Even if it doesn’t turn out true, they would make some kick-awesome toys.

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  6. 银志宁 says:


  7. Bryan says:

    I love the 1st 3 pictures. Godzilla has that dragon look but more aggressive then the dragons images I have seen. The 3rd picture really gives him the look of a King the only downside I see is he looks like Shredder from Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtle II.

  8. 刘子洋 says:


  9. Yugagarin says:

    The 3rd image is the best of all. I hope the new Godzilla has a devilish look. And i don’t like the idea of other monsters in the movie. The best Godzilla movie ever is the original from 1954, and only had the Big G in the film. But, if they put other monsters, i hope they make well done. With spectacular fights.

  10. Abel says:

    The first one looks too much like Biollante for me to enjoy it. I do, however, really like the second one…

    I’m hoping this film doesn’t disappoint me. (if so, not too much)

  11. Wow, how could you possibly say “legendary Pictures godzilla design”?! First of all it are concept bases fan art sculptings, second legendary Pictures is a film production company. Meaning they do not design anything at all. They hire specialised VFX/CGI companies and studio’s to let them collaborate with the film production companys guidelines. I don’t know which studios will be working on this, but one cannot just simply give a film production company credit for the Visual Effects in a film.

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