Piranha 3D

The piranha in The Asylum’s “shadow” blockbuster Mega Piranha are, as the name suggests, really big. But I always assumed that the titular aquatic beasties in the upcoming official remake of Joe Dante’s 1978 original (Piranha 3D, directed by The Hills Have Eyes remake alumni Alexandre Aja) would be just an ordinary, if peculiarly vicious, mutant species. But no! Seems they’re prehistoric and hence reasonably over-sized (for piranha), no longer created by pollution or science-gone-wrong, but released through a fracture in the seabed from the basement-level ocean depths where they’ve been confined.



Anyway, though the plot looks like the typical post-Jaws rip, combined with the gormless and hormone-fried youth on holidays trope, the presence of those neat CGI fish and Back to the Future‘s Christopher Lloyd make this a more attractive 90 minutes or so than I’d thought.

And I’ll happily skip the 3D…

Addendum: A couple more images courtesy of Kaiju Search-Robot Avery.



  • Writing: Robert Hood
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  2. Jeff says:

    Is it just me or is that second still a wink at Alien 3?

  3. Robert Hood says:

    We’ve seen the in-your-face monster shot in everything from “Jurassic Park” to “Eight Legged Freaks” to the 1998 “Godzilla”. Offhand I can’t think of one that pre-dates “Alien 3” (1992) though. Surely there must be! Whatever, you’re right. Even the angle of the head is the similar — sort of.

    Alien and Ripley face-to-face

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