What Lurks Beneath the Bleak Sea?

One thing’s for sure — answering that question is going to be an exciting ride. Anything that uses Friedrich Nietzsche’s scarily evocation quotation as its tagline certainly gets my stamp of approval!


Bleak Sea is an in-development undersea monster film from Italian filmmaker Giacomo Cimini. A rather spectacular trailer for the film has been made, based on a concept that won the Trailermade 2010 competition. As you will see, the trailer has its own unique, fully professional look and is extremely well produced, boding well for the development of the full-length film itself. The trailer will be shown at the Cannes Film Festival in just a few days time, and I suspect it won’t be ignored by backers and agents attending the film festival looking for the next big thing.


At the height of the Cold War, in the depths of the North Sea, a British submarine in search of an elusive Soviet weapon will find a far more terrifying enemy lurking in the deep.


Produced by Cimini and Tommaso Colognese, the film project has a scriptwriter on board (Stavros Pamballis, who co-wrote Shirley Adams in 2009). The trailer was shot during the March just past, and featured some excellent actors — Vincent Regan (300, Troy, Clash of the Titans), Samuel Roukin (Happy Go Lucky, Bright Star, Solomon Kane) and Robert Sheehan (Red Riding, The Misfits, The Season of the Witch).




Cimini has confirmed to Undead Backbrain that the film will definitely be a full-length feature film with a plot that focuses around a giant monster — a monster that plays a big part in events. At this stage, however, Cimini is reluctant to make things clearer. Instead he has dropped, J.J. Abrams-style, a few clues into the trailer and onto the cover of the magazine that is being read by a crew member (which you can examine in detail below — just click on the image to enlarge — but be warned: the “clues” aren’t the obvious ones!). He hopes fans will be intrigued by the mystery and follow it into production as, bit by bit, he expands on the existing clues.


And keep a watch out on Undead Backbrain for more developments and more information as the production proceeds!

The Director: Giacomo Cimini

Giacomo Cimini

Cimini currently lives in London and directed his first feature film, the micro-budget horror Red Riding Hood, in 2003 when he was 25. He went on to direct the TV series “Delitti” for Fox Italy before completing an MA in Filmmaking at the London Film School. His latest sci-fi short film, La Citta’ nel Cielo (City in the Sky, 2009) premiered at the 66th Venice Film Festival (see the opening of it below). He was recently selected for the 2010 Berlin Talent Campus.

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9 Responses to What Lurks Beneath the Bleak Sea?

  1. Jeff says:

    Nice find Rob, but the byline of the movie needs to be attributed to the actual writer by the film makers imho.

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  3. Robert Hood says:

    Possibly, Jeff, but I’m not sure Nietzsche would care much — and it is a famous one.

  4. Guardian7 says:

    Looks like a huge amount of fun!

  5. SuperXAsh says:

    Looks pretty sweet. I’m looking forward to this.

  6. Todd says:

    Did he just say ‘Hard left to starboard’? I really hope not.

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  8. niamh says:

    Robert Sheehan is an unbelievable actor, he’s amazing. He’s also gorgeous 🙂

  9. christopher hynes says:

    I love movies that take us out of the ‘normal’ and into the speculative, horror and sci-fi are the last bastions of creativity left, as you’re left to draw your own conclusions.
    Sorry, I’ve got no idea what I’ve just typed, but it looks ‘academic’.

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