Weekend Fright Flick: The Smog

Firmly ensconced in that “Nearly Dead” (that is, Not Quite Zombie) category of zombie movies, today’s Weekend Fright Flick features a toxic green smog bank that turns victims into ravenous, drooling, demon-toothed maniacs, rather like the titular creatures in Lamberto Bava’s 1985 film Demons.

The Smog (US-2010; short [9.30 min]; dir. Owen Mulligan)


One warning as you go into this film: if you have problems with blood and vomit make sure you haven’t just eaten breakfast.

Mulligan commented on his blog:

Little did I know when writing The Smog that there was a children’s cartoon from the 80’s called The Smoggies.

There is a big difference between the cartoon Smoggies and the Smoggies that appear in my film though.

The cartoon Smoggies were a trio of filthy treasure hunters that traveled around in a water polluting boat called the Stinky-Pooh. Their goal was to destroy the island paradise inhabited by the Suntots for their own benefit.

My smoggies are people that have been exposed to a highly toxic and mysterious smog and suffer from severe skin and respiratory disorders. Their goal is to kill anyone they can get their hands on. The Smog has somehow turned them into murderous maniacs. (DeadFi)

  • Source: Avery Guerra
  • Writer: Robert Hood
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