Writing Doctor Who

As those of you who know me will be aware, I have contributed, as a writer, to the history of the iconic time-travelling Doctor — officially. This came by way of a short story published in one of the Big Finish Productions’ Doctor Who anthologies — a series called Doctor Who: Short Trips. The stories in these anthologies used only the Doctors from Hartwell to McGann, and had to fit into the time cracks existing between the TV adventures. Published under the scrutiny of the BBC to ensure that they were a good “fit”, they offered writers a chance to contribute to one of TV’s great scifi mythologies.

Recently George Ivanoff began a series of short posts on his Literary Clutter blog (in association with Boomerang Books) highlighting some of the authors who can be counted among the Doctor’s literary chroniclers. Here’s mine, for those who are interesting in reading brief reminiscences on the experience.

As a longtime stalker of the Doctor (since the show was first aired in Australia in 1965 – when I was 12), I was naturally overcome with nerdish glee when Steve Savile suggested I should submit to a Doctor Who: Short Trips anthology he was editing for Big Finish.

Read the full article.

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