Weekend Fright Flicks: A Daniel Lee Film Festival

Daniel Lee is an independent filmmaker and actor who harks from Tupelo, Mississippi via Ohio and Alabama. He makes films because he loves them. You can read an interview with Daniel on Undead Backbrain, in which he talks about himself and his two latest films — both cheesy B-flick homages.

The Picture (US-2007; short [5.53 min]; dir. Danile Lee)

Winner, Best Student Film at the 2007 Magnolia Film Festival. A creepy tale about a picture…

Doppelganger (US-2007; short [6.54 min.]; dir. Daniel Lee)

A man is seemingly stalked by his mirror image. An experimental film.

Faithful Departed (US-2009; short [3.19 min]; dir. Daniel Lee)

Winner: Best Experimental Film at the 2009 Magnolia Independent Film Festival, Faithful Departed is about love and loss. The project was never completed as all the source footage was lost due to hard drive failure. This working version is the only surviving version of this film. It caused short-film critic Melanie Addington to declare Daniel Lee “The Edgar Allan Poe of filmmaking”.


Memphis Zombie Attack: The Documentary (US-2007; short [9 min.]; dir. Daniel Lee)

Winner of Best Short Documentary at the 11th Annual Magnolia Independent Film Festival, this film is Lee’s chronicle of the first “zombie walk” event ever organised in Memphis, TN — The Memphis Zombie Attack. It took place on May 25, 2007.

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