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B-Movie Celebration: The God of Clay

Exclusive Poster Art created for Undead Backbrain and the 6th Annual B-Movie Celebration There’s a new giant monster about the rise over the B-Movie horizon: The God of Clay [aka ねんどの神さま], (Japan-2009/2011) is a 13-minute short from Koichi Kawakita, the … Continue reading

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Lovechild of Audrey II and The Thing?

A Backbrain Exclusive Good friend and supremo artist Nick Stathopoulos — whose “Toy Porn” exhibitions featuring super-realistic paintings of toys based on such iconic figures as Astroboy, Tin-Tin, Gigantor and the Thunderbirds are among the most astonishing and beautiful things … Continue reading

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Building The Nest: An Exclusive Preview

“The Nest” is a short horror film by Tim Zwica, who, auteur-fashion, undertook the roles of writer, producer, director, editor, and visual effects coordinator. Zwica harkens from Austin, Texas, and this seems to inform the atmosphere and general ambiance of … Continue reading

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Remind Me! How Many Tentacles Should It Have?

Giant squids and their mega-cephalopodic partners-in-crime, giant octopi, have a fruitful life in and out of the cinema. They are probably one of the few fantasy creatures that have genuine real-life equivalents. Sure, squids and octopi from the real world … Continue reading

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Weekend Fright Flick: Space Bugs

Jesse Blanchard is a self-taught filmmaker who only recently discovered what he describes as “the joys of horror films”. Note: on that subject, John Carpenter says (on the commentary track for his Masters of Horror film Cigarette Burns): “Anyone who’s … Continue reading

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Weekend Fright Flicks: A Daniel Lee Film Festival

Daniel Lee is an independent filmmaker and actor who harks from Tupelo, Mississippi via Ohio and Alabama. He makes films because he loves them. You can read an interview with Daniel on Undead Backbrain, in which he talks about himself … Continue reading

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