You Can Haz Chawz


Though the South Korean giant boar flick, Chaw (directed by Jeong-won Shin), has already been released to DVD elsewhere in the Western world (such as here in Oz) under the title Chaw, it seems some folk want to “subtly” sledgehammer the connection with iconic bloody-monster-on-a-rampage flick Jaws by re-naming the film in US release as Chawz — even though the “z” doesn’t make much sense. To drive home the connection, a spokesperson from Magnet Releasing, which has acquired North American rights to the film, remarked: “If JAWS was looking to branch out to dry land, without a doubt he’d want to be CHAWZ!” (BD Horror).


Apparently the story pretty well follows the Jaws template, moving from random attacks through official denial to weekend tourist event gone wrong and the inevitable professional hunters — and proceedings are given the South Korean slapstick humour treatment, with added jokey scenes. Still, it’s a giant boar movie — and we’ve all loved them since Russell Mulcahy unleashed Razorback on the Australian outback in 1984, right?


Kaiju Search-Robot Avery has gathered together a huge collection of new images from the film and you can check them out in the gallery.


Here’s the Korean trailer, in HD with subtitles, courtesy of Madman Entertainment.


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